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Awesome Calendar To Help You Promote Your Crowdfunding Campaign

Posted by Catherine Yushina on Jul 20, 2017 7:00:00 AM


Promoting the crowdfunding campaign is timeconsuming and hard work - but it is the key to successfully closing the amount of capital you are looking for. This job can be made easier by detailed planning ahead. We wanted to give you a sample marketing calendar to make your life easier when promoting your crowdfunding campaign.

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Beyond scheduling social media posts and sending emails, you also need to keep in mind that you should know what works and creates better results. There is no silver bullet for crowdfunding marketing since the target audience for every company is different. They also have different triggers to motivate them to invest. While there are general practices on what are the best strategies, you will quickly see what works better for your campaign. 

Here is the Sample Campaign Calendar to help you structure your promotional actions. You can shuffle the content as you see fit, the calendar provides activities and type of content to use in a logical (psychological) order to help you convert consumers into crowd investors. 

To help you schedule some actions in advance and track the success of it, here are a few tools that could come handy and save you some time and cash:

The key to easy and successful promotion is having a plan and all the needed materials ready. You can schedule most of the promotions and even emails upfront and focus on engaging the press, sharing updates and engaging with the crowd as the day-to-day activity. Just check weekly on progress and success of different actions and content, keep track of it and repeat what works best for you.

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